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You might be one person to the world, but the world to one young person.


we do

Sunridge Associates works with schools on a bespoke basis to help them develop towards school improvement, through addressing their   individual needs from their unique starting point, understanding their local context and setting. Our range of products and services are delivered with integrity and professionalism. High quality advice, guidance and support is shared on a ethical and trustworthy basis, based on experience in the field.


We treat each request individually, assembling a specialist team with the right mix of expertise and experience to meet your needs.

Bespoke Consultancy 


Sunridge Associates will work with you and your school to identify your needs on a bespoke basis, ascertaining your school’s priorities and how these can be met.

Leadership mentoring and coaching


Sunridge Associates offers mentoring and coaching to new and established school leaders, offering advice and guidance on leadership development, strategic planning and managing change.

School start up and beyond


Sunridge Associates has considerable experience in opening schools in the UK and overseas, understanding and knowing what is needed and when. Sunridge Associates has extensive knowledge and practical experience of school management and set up, understanding local context and what is needed in the first days of establishing a new school

Professional learning days and conferences


Sunridge Associates offers bespoke professional learning days based on your school’s needs, working closely with you to ensure the outcomes you want from the day are met. Your day is tailored to meet the needs of your school and your staff, offering advice and guidance to maximise the difference it can make to learners.

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