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Do you need a professional coach? Lets talk!

I recently have been accepted as an Associate member of the Association of Coaching.

I enjoy working with school leaders to offer coaching and support, recognising the role as a school leader can be very lonely at times. So have a trusted colleague at the end of a skype call can make all the difference.

I work with many school leaders and middle leaders offering them coaching support and mentoring support as they seek to improve learning in their schools and in their own setting. I am privileged to work with school leaders in Venezuela , the Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cayman Islands, Singapore and the UK

I work from the leader's starting point and own context, establishing a trusted relationship so learning can be at the core of the discussion.

Do you need a professional coach? Do get in touch and lets talk!

The coaching you need or would like can best be suited to your school and your context.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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