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First 7 Parents and Education Virtual Conference

Following the success of Sunridge Associates participation at the “First 7 Parents and Education Virtual Conference”, in Romania looking at the theme “Building Resilience in your Early Years Learners, Teachers and Community.” Sunridge Associates will be presenting at the Life Education Conference in partnership with Fly High English from Craiova, Romania on 26th November on the theme, “Why our Learnings from the Pandemic must inform our Future Education Strategy.”

Sunridge Associates offers online training, coaching and consultancy for all educators and faculty members to meet your educational needs at this time of the “new normal”, where things are far from ordinary.

All training is interactive, hands on, relevant and challenging for the moment we are all living.

An opportunity to revision the future and see it differently, to take bold action and seize this opportunity to revision the future for your school and your learners.

Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke training, coaching and consultancy at


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