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Life changing visit to Malawi

I have just returned from a life changing experience working in a voluntary basis in Malawi.

I was privileged to be asked to join Mzuzu International Academy for a week of training and coaching. The teachers and the children were amazing, open to learn and to improve.

I was able to take many new books for the school library, giving the youngest children access to quality reading books.

During my visit I was invited to a local government school, where class sizes are on average 134!

The teachers are amazing as they have so few resources and are determined to make a difference to their classes, against so many odds. Including sometimes not getting paid from the government!

Equally humbling was a visit to Kwithu, a woman's cooperative that grows tomatoes and bottles them for the local market. It is expanding to create a tomato paste/sauce for local restaurants.

What is more remarkable is the pre school they also operate for double orphaned children, giving them the best possible start to life against so many odds.

I came away from Malawi feeling humbled by the people we met and the differences they are making to the children in their classes and in their schools.

I was greeted with such warmth and kindness from everyone I met that I will return next year to Mzuzu and hope to continue to make a difference in helping the children feel empowered through education and with the teachers who are making this journey happen.

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