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Great Learning, Great Teaching, Great Fun!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the IPC Curriculum Conference in London, it was an opportunity to meet many new IPC friends and colleagues and reconnect with those already known.

There was an opportunity to celebrate the Accreditation story and success from three schools from around the world, North Zealand International School in Denmark, Yohden Primary School in the UK and both IEYC and IPC Accreditation for Greengates School in Mexico.

I am very proud to have been part of each of these three school’s story from pre accreditation, bespoke training and final Accreditation from the IPC and IEYC.

Congratulations to them all!

We were treated to a keynote address from Professor Mary Hayden of the University of Bath, UK and a presentation of “Meeting the Challenges of an International Curriculum for the Future.” This was a thought provoking keynote about the future of the international curriculum in a fast changing world, the rapid growth predicted for international schools globally and the growing shift of these schools which are now educating more “host” pupils away from the more globally mobile families as education becomes more of a “commodity”.

These professional learning days are invaluable and you always learn something new, from a deepening understanding of the IPC flow using the IPC structure and vision to create great learning using the IPC Personal Goals to how to connect Modern Foreign Languages in the IPC with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) guidelines.

An inspiring, learning focussed day. look forward to the next one!

Keep learning.

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