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Leadership Matters!

I have just returned from a three day bespoke middle leadership learning time with colleagues from HELP School in Malaysia.

The three days together focused on the importance of creating a vision, the “why” of learning focussed leadership and developed into creating an understanding of self as a leader and manager.

From there we looked at the importance of creating trust within our teams and how, without this key ingredient, teams cannot function and perform effectively and efficiently in their impact on children and student learning.

We explored how to use data driven dialogues to look at our impact on learning and letting the data inform our next steps towards school improvement.

A great three days together with colleagues committed to leading and making a real difference in creating a leaderful school.

Thank you to all the colleagues for the trusted, shared conversations and the focus on learning throughout. I am already looking forward to my return trip next spring.

“Thank you for your sharing for the past 3 days. Through your sharing, I learnt to look at leadership from different perspectives.

Appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, see you next year! “

“Thank you so much for your thought provoking three learning days together, you have given us lots to think about.”

“Thank you, Helen, they were a very informative 3 days and I know many have taken a lot away from it.”

If you are interested in a bespoke learning leadership and management professional learning programme for your school, I would be more than happy to help. Do email me and let’s begin the conversation!

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