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Professional Learning with Kristiansand International School, Norway in London!

I was lucky enough to continue my professional learning dialogue with Kristiansand International School for a third time when they came to visit London this month.

Colleagues from the PYP and MYP came together to discuss the concept of "Student Agency"- what does it mean, how can we identify it and how can we gain some consensus about embedding it in our practise across the school.

Debate and conversation flowed from the group about the meaning of "Student Agency" and led us to think of what we would see a learner or a teacher doing in a classroom. We also explored the learning environment both physically and culturally as a means of developing agency for our students.

We looked at a "toolkit" that could be used in the PYP and MYP that would support agency and give students the empowerment to lead their own learning.

During the visit to London, we also visited a school in the UK offering the IPC and drew comparisons between both international curricula (the IPC and PYP) the similarities and the differences. This round table conversation and dialogue showed much that is similar with both curricular and a common desire to improve learning for all children irrespective of the context of their setting.

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