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Return to Sandford International School, Addis Abbas, Ethiopia

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to Sandford International School, this was my third visit in five years. The professional learning is part of the school’s on-going commitment to the International Primary Curriculum and school improvement, proving training for all the teachers and assistants in the primary school.

What was especially rewarding to see is how the Amharic (Ethiopian language) teachers have embraced the IPC, translating the IPC Personal Goals and using them with their children to meet the Ethiopian national curriculum demands.

The school shows a commitment to international mindedness through the IPC and raises the awareness of the environment for all learners, bringing in speakers from Water Aid and the United Nations , who have offices in Addis Abbas. They are soon to celebrate Earth Day with the whole school, including the parent community.

Since my last visit, the school has dramatically improved its infrastructure with a new secondary building and “green corridor” of flowers, plants and trees.

It was a great learning focussed three days with all learners, teachers and leaders filled with great learning, reflection, improvements and fun!

I look forward to my next visit in two years for more learning.

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