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Leading Learning at Brighton College, Dubai

Last week I had the privilege with working with IPC (International Primary Curriculum) leaders at Brighton College in Dubai. Due to travel bans in the region, as a result of coronavirus, it was a small but dedicated group of school leaders.

We had the opportunity to work together to consider the role of leading the IPC, using the new self-review and accreditation guide as a tool to inform our action planning.

Together we considered how we collaborate with different stakeholders in a school about learning and used reflective questioning with one another in a trusted environment to improve our own practice.

We looked at the work of Kotter and Cohen “The Eight Step Process” to bring about change in our schools and how the lessons from business can be reflected in a school model, creating a big opportunity to generate and embed school improvement over time.

We also used the research from Viviane Robinson, “The Five Dimensions of Student Centred Leadership” to consider where best to spend our energies, time and resource to impact learning in our own schools.

A thoughtful two days together with leaders returning to their school to take the next steps to embed the IPC.

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